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Autoimmune Disorders

What is it?

Autoimmune disease occurs when the body’s immune system is abnormally low or unable to identify healthy tissue as such. The immune system targets and attacks normal tissue as if it were a pathogen. It may be difficult to diagnosis and more than one disease may be present at a time. There are no known medical cures and treatments include immune suppression and management of symptoms. 75% of those suffering from an autoimmune disorder are women.


Some symptoms include joint/muscle pain, weakness, tremors, weight loss, insomnia, heat intolerance, rapid heartbeat, recurrent hives or rashes, sun sensitivity, difficult mental clarity, problems focusing, fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, cold intolerance, pain, diarrhea, mouth ulcers numbness in extremities, and multiple miscarriages.

What you can do

While there is no cure-all for an autoimmune disease it makes sense to think of treatment options on a cellular level. Since your body’s defensive cells are attacking its healthy cells. A misfunctioning cell is a result of a deficiency or toxicity that has caused a mutation in the DNA. So the best course of action would be to nourish the cells and give them proper nutrients and a healthy living environment while minimizing toxic exposure and detoxifying.

80% of the immune system is found in the gut, so this is the perfect place to start! Using natural cleanse remedies and a healthy diet you can help to restore balance here. A consistent regimen of an essential oil complex, detoxification blend, a defensive probiotic and cellular vitality complex (daily supplement) can help you to nourish your cells and help give your body what it needs to repair and heal itself.

It is important to understand that diet is a very important role here, as essential oils provide chemical compounds and stimulate proper cell function but do not provide needed nutrition to the cells, and without adequate nutrition, your cells are unable to perform at peak performance. Check this out for more diet and nutrition information

Autoimmune Diet

Essential oils can be used to help restore cellular health and relieve stresses on the body. Following are specific oils that may be used.

Single and Blended Oils to use

  • Lemongrass- stimulates nerves and supports digestion
  • Juniper Berry – antioxidant and digestion support
  • Copaiba- anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, pain reducer
  • Ginger – invigorates nerves and detoxification
  • Clary Sage- supports endocrine and nerve cells
  • Cellular complex blend- supports nerve health
  • Detoxification blend – supports gut health and overall body cleanse
  • Metabolic blend- antioxidant

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Your Health Simplified

The Basics of You

Everyone remembers from grade school learning about cells. Cells are the smallest unit of life. They are what makes up your tissues, organs and entire body! So it makes sense that the at the simplest, lowest level, our health starts. Nourishing and providing an ideal environment for our cells can help to maintain optimal health. When you nourish your cells, you are nourishing your tissues, organs and entire body.

Disease and illness occur at the beginning of a misfunctioning cell. In cells, there are two types of disease or two causes of misfunction: deficiency and toxicity. When a cell becomes deficient in nutrients and energy or too toxic because of outside factors (environment) tissue and organ function are compromised.

Cellular Health

The cell has many jobs but two of the most important jobs is to protect cell DNA within the nucleus and provide energy for all body processes. Your DNA is present in each cell within your body and must be protected and left un-errored in replication as your cells reproduce. If the DNA becomes damaged it is known as a mutation. A cell mutation can cause a range of issues from damage, inflammation, pain cell death, or weakened tissues. Multiple mutations in a cell’s DNA can result in cancer. Cancer is nothing more than your own cells, mutated. This doesn’t occur with a single mutation but rather is multi-factorial and the result of multiple exposures to toxins or any outside stimuli causing damage to the cells. Toxins can range from cigarette smoke to chemical household cleaners. The food we eat and liquids we drink can also affect our cells. Anything we touch eat or smell that comes into contact with us will affect our cells in some way, good or bad.

Essential Oil Benefits

Essential oils can be an excellent support system for your cellular health. Oils use chemical compounds and messages to interact with the body, they do not provide nutrition to you or your cells. You need to maintain a proper and healthy diet and limit toxins as much as possible for best cellular health. There are many aspects to this but we will only be discussing they essential oil role further. Essential oils act by interacting with the inside of the nose (the olfactory membrane) when inhaled, and chemical messages are sent to the limbic system and cerebral cortex in the brain. Chemical components are also absorbed through the mucous membrane of the lungs and into the blood stream. So while oils can be applied to specific areas you will see a systemic benefit.

Essential oils are lipophilic so they are readily absorbed by the skin and are able to permeate your cell membrane. This ability is what makes essential oils so effective at fighting viruses and bacteria. This is true for pure essential oils, any oil that has additives and synthetics this will not hold true. Essential oils are an excellent way to help support and maintain optimal health and body functions.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

There is an entire makeover you can give your medicine cabinet. Trade in those over the counter medications for natural plant based remedies. Don’t want to just toss out all that unused medicine? You can incorporate natural medicine with it instead. The choice is yours, that’s one amazing thing about essential oils. You can use them alone or with modern medicine to achieve benefits! I personally like to use a multi-focal approach to my family’s healthcare and use a mixture of natural and modern medicine.

Oils to have in your cabinet

  • Lavender – use for burns, irritated skin, bug bites, eye infections, and sleep aid.
  • Lemon – sore throat, stop nose bleeds, sanitize, and detox.
  • Clove – powerful analgesic for numbing wounds and toothaches
  • Peppermint – fever reducer, headache reducer, relieve nausea and vomiting, respiratory aid, and ant repellent.
  • Melaleuca – (tea tree) wound antiseptic, antimicrobial, and when used with Oregano they create a powerful antibiotic/antiviral.
  • Frankincense – healing properties, ant-inflammatory, skin soothing, and anti-scarring. Great for headaches.
  • Digestzen – anti diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach and heart burn.
  • On Guard – immune support

Swap these for those

  • Tylenol for fever – Apply 1-2 drops of peppermint and carrier oil to back of neck and down spine, on bottoms of feet.
  • Neosporin – Equal drops lavender, frankincense and melaleuca with a carrier oil.
  • Orajel – Place a drop of clove in a small amount of water and swish, swallow.
  • Pepto Bismol – rub 1 drop Digestzen and carrier oil on stomach.
  • Tums – run 1 drop Digestzen and carrier oil over chest.
  • Burn gel – apply lavender directly to burn, multiple times as needed to alleviate pain.
  • Excedrin – apply frankincense to forehead, temples and back of neck. Also in addition or on it’s own use peppermint aromatically and place one drop in hands, rub together, cup hands and inhale. Rub excess on back of neck.
  • Airborne – place 1 drop of On Guard under tongue daily to support a healthy immune system.

You can choose to swap out your medicine cabinet or even just add to it!! You never can have too many options when it comes to healing! The choice is yours😃.

Cardiovascular Health

Your Heart

Your heart works hard to supply your body with the nutrients and oxygen it needs. It is important to take control of your cardiovascular health, diseases of the heart comprise the leading cause of death in the United States. And what is even scarier is that these are preventable conditions!! While no one can be certain what there future holds, with positive lifestyle changes and health conscious decisions you can prevent 90% of cardiovascular diseases. While there is an entire list of life style changes I can cover from adequate rest to exercise, I am going to cover the role of essential oils and how you can use them to benefit your cardiovascular health. Essential oils are able to be transported by the cardiovascular system and are able to permeate cells and tissues throughout the body. When topically applied they are absorbed through the skin within 30 seconds and benefits can be seen within 14 to 20 minutes. It is important to remember that the use of essential oils and natural solutions can be used as preventative measures for heart health. Any medical condition of the cardiovascular system should be seen by a qualified medical professional. They work by supplying the body with what it needs to reach homeostasis.

Single Oils

Single oils to help support cardiovascular health are

  • Cypress- promotes proper circulation and blood flow
  • Ylang Ylang- balances heart rate and reduces high blood pressure
  • Marjoram – supports healthy heart muscle
  • Helichrysum – repairs damaged blood vessels, stops bleeding
  • Black pepper – warms and tones blood vessels, decongestant for lymphatics
  • Geranium – supports heart, blood, and blood vessels

Usage Guide

Aromatic: Diffuse 5-10 drops of oils of choice, inhale directly from the bottle. Try adding a few drops of oil to your clothing or anywhere that may support inhalation. Topical: Apply oils directly to chest, either neat or diluted with a carrier oil, to bottoms of feet, down the spine or any area of concern. Internal: Take 1-5 drops under the tongue, in water or in a capsule to support circulatory function.


Cholesterol Fighter: Frankincense and lemongrass in a capsule 2x daily. Varicose Vein Repair: Apply cypress and helichrysum to veins daily. High Blood Pressure Reliever: 12 drops helichrysum, 12 drops ylang ylang, 8 drops cassia, 8 drops frankincense, & 8 drops marjoram combine in a roller bottle with carrier oil and apply to bottom of feet, wrists, along breastbone, over heart and carotid arteries and back of neck as needed a minimum of 2x daily.