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This section is designed to help educate you on the many things you can do with modern medicine to improve your quality of life while undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Cancer & CBD

There is growing research for CBD in the oncology field and it shows some promising findings! See More on Cancer and CBD But CBD is not a cure so let’s talk about why CBD is a supplement that can help get you through the diagnosis of cancer.


A cancer diagnosis happens suddenly for most and can be the cause of a lot of anxiety, even if you’ve never had anxiety previously. It’s alot of unknowns, who isn’t anxious about what they don’t know? In addition to researching and empowering yourself to take control is one way to battle the anxiety, but CBD oil can be a front line soldier for you too.

Full Spectrum CBD includes over 80 cannabinoids that interact within your body. A good portion of these interact with your Central Nervous System and can actually help to calm it down in times of high stress and anxiety. It works well as a daily supplement but it also works wonders in acute times of anxiety and stress. Just a few drops under the tongue and within a few minutes, calm, without any drowsiness or side effects medications can cause.

Pain & Inflammation

This right here is the number one benefit of CBD Oil hands down! It has all the benefits of pain relief without the side effects pain medications can cause like constipation, nausea, and even addiction. CBD works with receptors in your Central Nervous System to relieve the pain receptors. Not only does it work on a neurological level, but CBD also helps the body to eliminate inflammation which also reduces pain.

Another benefit of choosing CBD for pain over medications is you have no risk of overdose with CBD oil. You also do not have to worry about the side effects that come along with prescription medications like nausea or constipation.

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A Cancer Diagnosis

Nothing can put into words what someone must feel when they are given a diagnosis so serious. No one can truely imagine what it is like to go through the process until they have done it themselves. But nothing in this world last forever, not even the world itself!

When you can take your perception of what society says and change it to what actually is the reality of the situation you realize something. Every single person born into this life will have a means to the end of thier life at some point. We all reach an expiration date at some point, the only difference is how. It’s not even a matter of when.

We all have different obstacles that happen in life that require us to overcome them. This is no different. Don’t let yourself fall into a victim role with your diagnosis. Make that diagnosis your victim!! Tell that cancer just where to go, to hell in a hand basket.

The key step to overcoming any obstacle in life is to first know you can. If you tell yourself you’re going to be sick and go down fast then you can bet you’re going to feel worse day by day. If you wake up daily, find your strength and motivate yourself through the hard parts I know you will feel and do better throughout your life! And after all the only thing we all want is to improve our quality of life! We want to enjoy the things we do from day to day, we want to enjoy what time we have with loved ones and we want to feel good while doing it!

If you can do one thing everyday from here on out it is to look inside you for your strength, and where your strength ends, Gods strength begins! You are never alone on your journey through life. You can and will make the most of your life and no cancer can stop you!!

Integrated Healthcare

The Truth

I see so many arguments and debates on social media regarding modern medicine vs. natural medicine! I’m sure I’m not alone here either. But the truth is, both sides are missing out if they are debating this in the first place! I love my natural solutions and because I use them daily for my family we spend less time needing modern medicine but believe me when we need to we go to the doctor we do.  There are so many wonderful advancements in modern medicine that our life expectancy has increased drastically over the years. There are so many more advancements to come too! But there is definitely a need for natural plant-based medicine to have a place in our healthcare. There has become this huge disconnect of treating the patient as a whole. Rather than seek to improve all areas of life, which always influence one another, modern medicine has simple become a rat race to cover a symptom and a booming business at the expense of people’s lives. There is a huge gap that needs to be bridged between modern medicine and quality of life!

Fun Fact: Did you know the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, was an herbalist? He used over 250 different plants to treat aliments!


Did you know the 5 leading causes of death (heart disease, cancer, lung disease and stroke) are all preventable! Prevention is the key factor in maintaining good health. While not all things can be prevented, there are so many things that can! This is where life style and plant-based medicine’s role comes in. There are so many proven benefits of mood elevation, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral with essential oils and proper nutrition. Essential oils allow for a way to positively interact with the body using chemical messengers. These chemical messengers are the same compounds used by the plant to defend itself, maintain health, and attract friends (bees for pollination) and act in the same manner for us. We may use essential oils to defend ourselves from microorganisms or bugs, we can use oils to balance out chemical imbalances and help our bodies to reach homeostasis and we can also use oil to attract and smell pleasant and elevate mood. By using the oils in this manner we can help to prevent disease and discomfort.

A vital role in prevention of disease is diet. As convenient as our diet has become, that convenience is at a price. We are literally paying that price with our lives! Your body is constantly trying to balance and maintain homeostasis. It is trying to find any toxins, foreign bodies or imbalances and excrete and correct these problems. In order to properly do this your body requires certain nutrients and needs that without proper diet and supplementation cannot happen. A proper diet free from as many toxins as possible – (find good link to nutrition article) and correct supplementation can make all the difference in your disease and aging process. Not only can this prevent but in many cases can reverse what ever aliments are occurring. The body is an amazing thing and when given the proper tools it can regenerate and repair itself miraculously.

An important supplement that has been removed from the American population for over 3 decades is cannabinoids. I am not talking about THC either, the cannabinoid responsible for the mind altering effects of marijuana. CBD which is found in higher levels in the hemp plant along with over 80 other cannabinoids interacts within your body with what is known as the endocannabinoid system. This system helps regulate homeostasis and can play a vital role in auto immune and neuralgic disorders.  See Health Benefits of Cannabis to learn more.


Essential oils are not only good for prevention but can be very powerful as a treatment option for a number of health concerns. I always go to my essential oils first and if they need some help I then turn to modern medicine. There is no reason why you have to choose one or the other, they can both be beneficial together. I will say though you always need to research and verify with a certified aromatherapist if you are going to use oils medicinally. There are safety protocols to be followed. There is such thing as too much of a good thing! It is important to know how to use and when to use essential oils. Consulting with a certified aromatherapist can allow for this to take place. Since essential oils are not regulated by an agency anyone can use them, anyone can make them and anyone can give advice, so be sure you know your sourcing for your oil and how to use them. Self education and experience can also help with knowing what to use. Knowing basic guidelines and then self experimenting to find what works for you is the best route to take. Some common everyday occurrences that can be treated with essential oils would be:

  • burns- lavender
  • fever/headache – peppermint
  • bug bites – lavender
  • sunburn- aloe vera with lavender
  • antibiotic properties/cold flu/helps with viral- oregano & melaleuca
  • anxiety – wild orange

Fun Fact: Did you know about half of all liver transplants that take place in the United States are caused by chronic acetaminophen use! & this is something we give to our children! You can break a fever with peppermint essential oil or willows bark herb. You can relieve the same pain relief from using a blend of essential oils or again using the willows bark. You have other options than using a toxic yet “safe” pill someone created for a profit.

CBD has shown some remarkable properties in epilepsy, chronic pain, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, anti-tumor properties, PTSD and many other conditions. Such promising evidence exists that the United States government holds a patent on the use of cannabinoids and CBD specifically as a nueroprotector and effective in treating a number of medical conditions in therapeutic dosages. See for yourself  US Patent …507

Herbal medicine is another very powerful natural option to help restore and give your body what it needs. After all 80% of all prescription medications were created mimicking the medicinal properties of plant components. So why not learn and educate yourself on what natural, cost effective options you have and decide what is best for you? Often times a natural solution can be enough to get back to your optimal health state, and if it’s not enough then you can use additional modern medicine to help.

The decision is yours…

The purpose of this topic was not to sway your opinion one way or another on the use of both natural and modern medicine. But rather to give you some key points and examples of how integrating both together can be a good course of action should you choose. There is a vast majority of information available online regarding any aliment and natural option you can think of, it just takes the time to learn your options, educate yourself on the situation you are facing and deciding for you what the best course of action is. Of course you should always talk with your doctor before making any decisions but remember they are your decisions to make. While a doctor is a health expert and vastly more knowledgeable in the area of health, he is still a human and still doesn’t have all the answers and is not always right. It is up to you as a patient and individual to take back the power to control your health and make educated decisions on what to do, not just give the power over to another.

It is your health and your life so I wish you well on your journey and am here to help if needed!!