CBD Oil Vs. Gummies

CBD is everywhere today…..

You can’t scroll through social media, watch the evening news or go to the local gas station without seeing CBD! It is changing laws, creating revenue, helping medical conditions, and changing lives. CBD is offered in a variety of forms from direct plant or flower to gummies and edibles. You may receive different benefits with different forms available of CBD, but either way, you will benefit.

Oil Vs. Gummies

Over any form of CBD available full spectrum CBD oil is recommended for best, quickest and most cost-effective results. While you still receive the benefits of gummies and there are pros to taking them, we will discuss in a minute, taking a few drops of CBD sublingually allows the beneficial compounds to be absorbed into the bloodstream without having to go through the digestive process if you eat a gummy. The benefits will still occur, just at a slower rate and with the digestive process, some components may be lost.

Not only is CBD more readily available for the body to take advantage of and use in oil form, but it also allows you to get the most for your money. You only need a few drops of CBD, everyone is different but once you find your right amount you won’t be taking any extra and can maximize your servings.

Gummies do carry a few positives over the oil. For starters, they taste much better than the oil to most people. I say most people because I actually like the oil, the taste does not bother me at all. It is also more convenient for children if they are taking CBD than the oil, again for taste, but either way an easier way to get them to take it! Gummies are also more convenient than oil to bring on the go, and if you take CBD for pain then you may keep some in your purse.

It really does not matter how you take your CBD, as long as you take it! Oil or gummies it’s up to you! Try CBD today!

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