A Cancer Diagnosis

Nothing can put into words what someone must feel when they are given a diagnosis so serious. No one can truely imagine what it is like to go through the process until they have done it themselves. But nothing in this world last forever, not even the world itself!

When you can take your perception of what society says and change it to what actually is the reality of the situation you realize something. Every single person born into this life will have a means to the end of thier life at some point. We all reach an expiration date at some point, the only difference is how. It’s not even a matter of when.

We all have different obstacles that happen in life that require us to overcome them. This is no different. Don’t let yourself fall into a victim role with your diagnosis. Make that diagnosis your victim!! Tell that cancer just where to go, to hell in a hand basket.

The key step to overcoming any obstacle in life is to first know you can. If you tell yourself you’re going to be sick and go down fast then you can bet you’re going to feel worse day by day. If you wake up daily, find your strength and motivate yourself through the hard parts I know you will feel and do better throughout your life! And after all the only thing we all want is to improve our quality of life! We want to enjoy the things we do from day to day, we want to enjoy what time we have with loved ones and we want to feel good while doing it!

If you can do one thing everyday from here on out it is to look inside you for your strength, and where your strength ends, Gods strength begins! You are never alone on your journey through life. You can and will make the most of your life and no cancer can stop you!!

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