3 Reasons to use Lavender

If you’ve never used essential oils this is one you must try! And if you are already an oil user than you probably have already fell in love with this oil. It is my number one recommend oil and is safe for all ages!

#1 – Lavender is very calming to the skin.

You can use lavender neat (or directly) on the skin for acute situations like a burn or bug bite, or you can dilute it with a carrier oil of your choice for situations involving a rash or irritation of some kind or even acne redness. I keep lavender in my kitchen because it is more effective at relieving the pain and preventing blistering from burning myself while cooking (I can be a little careless sometimes). I accidentally stuck my hand in boiling water once, I told you I can be careless, and immediately covered the area with my lavender essential oil and I did not even get a blister, I was amazed at its healing properties! I used lavender, tea tree, frankincense and coconut oil on my son as a baby for his eczema which works wonders for any skin rash i have come across.

#2 – Lavender helps to relieve eye irritations.

In our house lavender essential oil is the go to for eye infections. At the first sign of swelling, redness, discharge or itching of the eye I take one drop per eye and rub it around the orbital bone, do not put the oil directly into your eye. Do this a 3-4 times per day and 48-72 hours later your eye will feel much better.

#3 – Lavender is mentally calming.

Diffuse some lavender before bed or during times of high stress to calm and relax the mind. It works great to put a drop on the pillow of a child who can’t sleep. Lavender has so many benefits it is a great starter oil. Another fun and destressing way to use lavender is to add a few drops to some Epsom salt or bubble bath for a nice relaxing bath. The oil is dispersed throughout the bath better if it is added with a carrier and not direct.

Hope you are inspired to experiencing the benefits of lavender essential oil!