Confusion with the FDA

We all know that CBD is a hot topic with many businesses both online and in store are emerging everywhere. I myself became a sales representative with a reputable company after my research and experience with CBD full spectrum hemp oil. I could not believe how little I actually knew about CBD and it’s benefits. What surprised me even more was the lack of education or public knowledge of the endocannabinoid system and how we are already producing cannabinoids ourselves!

It confuses me why the government still has cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, but that’s a discussion for future reference. It confuses me that the FDA which regulates and publicly approves countless unsafe and dangerous products that result in death has become so hard on the way companies can promote CBD. The facts are there, the research is there, maybe not all within the United States and yes further research will continue, and the most important part it’s helping people. It’s improving quality of life, and that is the most important thing to me, for the consumer to understand this is a safe product that will improve your quality of life. It’s that simple.

But of course people want the evidence and to see the research, especially after being told that it’s a drug all thier lives. But as a sales representative the FDA has said I cannot make medical claims, ok I agree I am not a doctor. I cannot site medical research or share testimonies. So I rely on people doing thier own research, which doesn’t always happen unfortunately.

So please do your own research on anything you put into your body. Everything you do affects your health and quality of life. Look for those things to improve your quality of life, after all we only get one.

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