Don’t poison yourself..

Is CBD safe?

Absolutely CBD that is pure, extracted properly and tested is safe. What is not safe is consuming a supplement that has not been tested and potentially has toxins and contaminates. The CBD industry is fairly new and a hot topic. A lot of companies are coming out and a lot are reputable and provide an amazing product that is changing lives. Unfortunately there are people who just want to make a quick buck and will cut corners at your expense!

CBD is an unregulated industry. The only standard that CBD manufactures are held to at this time, is that their oil must contain less than .3% THC to be legal. There is no additional testing that needs to be followed at this time. But if you are purchasing a CBD based product you NEED to make sure it is tested not only for cannabinoids but that it is pure and with no toxins. If a company does not test and will not disclose their testing results, do not consume their product! Below is an example of a certificate of analysis:

Screenshot 2018-10-10 at 7.17.40 PM

There are companies out there who do not test because they use cheap extraction methods such as paint thinner. This poses a serious health risk and while it is a disgusting business practice it is best to be an educated consumer and protect yourself.

What Companies Test?

There is no shortage of companies that offer a quality CBD oil that has been tested. If you go on a company website you can most likely find a COA (certificate of analysis) if they test. The CBD products I use personally have a QR code on the label that allows you to scan and pull up the COA right on the spot.

If you are looking for a quality CBD oil that tests check out CBD BioCare. You can access testing both via website and QR code.

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