CBD Dosage

How much CBD do I use?

Dosing for CBD can be the most “difficult” part of using CBD. It can take some time to figure out just how much to use. There’s not a one dose fits all or a specific amount to use for pain relief vs. anxiety. But there are benefits to finding just the right dose for you.

CBD oil is taken under neath the tounge for about 30 sec then swallow. It is most effective to start with a drop or two for a couple of days and then gradually increase your dose by a drop every other day until you find your ‘sweet spot’ and reach the desired effects. This allows you to find exactly how many drops you need without wasting excess oil. Good quality CBD oil is not to expensive but also isn’t cheap so it makes sense from a cost perspective also.

If you are using CBD oil as a supplement to support your endocannabinoid system then a 500 mg oil is a good oil, also good place to start with experimenting and finding your right dose.

For pain relief, anxiety, PTSD, epliepsy or any other major conditions a 750 mg or 1000 mg would be a better place to start. If a larger amount of drops are being used you can try moving up in mg up to 1500 mg.

There is no worry of overdosing with CBD oil as it doesn’t impact your involuntary organ control such as breathing. It may take a couple weeks to find the right dose and feel the full effects of it’s capabilities, but CBD does work and is worth trying. It not only changed my life but thousands across the United States.

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