Health Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis and you:

It’s a wonderful thing to see the laws finally changing to allow us access to such a medicinal plant that everyone needs! But not everyone understands the laws, which cannabis is legal and just how amazing and necessary this plant is.

About 30 years ago the discovery of the endocannabinoid system took place. Any mammal with a spine has been found to have this regulatory system within their body. So even if you’re not ingesting cannabis now, your body still contains cannabinoids! This system helps to regulate most body systems by acting on CB1 and CB2 receptors which play a vital role in our central nervous system. When you ingest phytocannabinoids (cannabis/hemp plant) they interact with this system.

Some of the common issues CBD and other cannabinoids are able to help with are pain, inflammation, anxiety, PTSD, autoimmune disorders, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  Depression and chronic pain are two issues I myself have been able to overcome since the use of CBD. I suffered back pain since the age of 12, when I seen multiple specialists with no answers. I was offered pills which I disliked the way they made me feel so I decided not to take them. I choose to deal with the pain until I found CBD Biocare.

CBD is currently undergoing continuous research as the amazing medicinal properties of the hemp plant are just being discovered. It has shown anti-cancerous properties in cell studies and shown to increase survival rate when used along side with chemotherapy. It has huge epileptic success and is safe for use in children. CBD does not act on the part of the brain that controls breathing and heart rate therefore you cannot overdose on CBD.

If you take the time to research CBD on your own beyond this short little post, you will understand why everyone should be taking a CBD supplement daily in an effort to maintain homeostasis and stay healthy. Want to learn more about CBD oil and it’s benefits? Learn more here.



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