Healthy Living

My love of essential oils has really helped me to understand the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle. The basic understanding of how an essential oil affects an individual cell really can help you to understand why it is vital to every aspect of your life to choose health and wellness.

Each cell in your body is either given the nutrients it’s needs or is not. When you lack eating proper nutrition or taking daily supplements to provide your body with what it needs you are creating a deficiency within your cells and can cause malfunction. While I am a realist and struggle daily with proper nutrition it is a battle worth fighting and continuing to improve. Our society is set up to distract us constantly, fast food, television, the internet(this is a double-edged sword), but keep in mind the  majority of people do not feel well, are not at a desired weight, feel tiered by noon, do not want to wake up in the morning, are battling preventable diseases. So if you do what the majority are doing then expect similar results. Want change like I do? Then make different decisions.

I may not make the right choice every day, but with consistent effort I make better choices today than I did yesterday, and that is progress. So let’s talk about what these better choices are based off of. So basically if you don’t need it don’t put it into or on your body, this includes breathing chemicals in. Every choice may not be perfect, like I just indulged in processed very yummy cinnamon rolls! I am not going to never eat things I enjoy, that defeats the purpose of feeling well and enjoying life. However I need to make more positive choices than negative ones to keep the scale tipped. Earlier today my family stopped at a fast food chain, I chose to have a salad and water over a bacon cheeseburger and soda I wanted. You can choose to expose your body to chemicals found in our everyday lives, or you can begin to educate yourself on what you are coming into contact with and make informed decisions on how to improve and maintain your health, because no one benefits from your health but plenty of industries will benefit from your disease. That is why I will be expanding the concept of this site to help inspire those who read it to make better decisions in their lives, educate them on health and wellness through essential oil use among other ideas, and to share my own experiences living out this lifestyle myself and how it has affected me personally. So I invite you to join me in dropping into health as I share all I learn and learn all I can about health in our world today, what affects it and how to attain it.

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