Everday Oils

Do I have to use oils every day?

This question can be debated among oil users, some who use them daily for everyday living like me, and those who only use them for certain issues or times. There is no right or wrong answer, but to see health benefits and really utilize the amazing properties of essential oils, the more consistent you are in use the more benefits will be seen. Our environment and everyday household products expose us to small amounts of toxins that build up in our bodies over time and disrupt our “healthy” (homeostasis) state. Eliminating or at least minimizing these exposures can lead to a healthy lifestyle and happy body!

The best way to make this happen is to trade in your daily exposure causes, the chemical cleaner you use the cosmetics you place on your skin, anything that comes into contact or goes inside your body. This post is not to explain all the hash details or discuss all the awful chemicals you expose yourself to daily, but here are some links if you want to read further into it:

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This process doesn’t have to be overwhelming, you can just switch to using self made products and oils as you finish using up what you have. Integrate your oils into the routines you already have. Below is a list of some uses for oils everyday that may result in side benefits for your health!

  • Lemon & On Guard forĀ  cleaning- these two oils can be used to disinfect your counters and can also be used to make a vegetable wash. Simply add 10 drops to distilled water or viniger in a glass spray bottle. You can use this from your kitchen to your bathrooms and it makes an excellent floor cleaner too.
  • Skin Care & Cosmetics – use essential oils Frankincense, lavender, sandalwood and melaleuca to create your own skin care that you know is safe! Simply use your choice carrier, I use Shea butter, or you can even purchase already made products from a certified aromatherapist if you are not into the DYI! But it’s so easy once you try it and no running to the store when you need more.
  • Cooking- essential oils are great to add to your food or even to flavor your water! Use very small amounts as they are concentrated and if you use too much you can ruin your dish. oregano, cilantro, cinnamon, lemon, lime and basil are some of my favorites I use in the kitchen.
  • Deodorize and cleanse the air – we all hate funky smells, diffusing any oil of your choice can deodorize the air. Tea tree can be used to cleanse the air too. Try blending a few different oils and create a scent custom to what you like.

Using oils doesn’t have to be complicated and can be worked into your already existent lifestyle. Simply replacing some of your products for oils can show a positive impact in your life. Trade out those side effects of toxic products for the side benefits of essential oils.

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