Essential Oil Basics

Who are essential oils for?

Well I would like to say everyone, but in reality there are plenty of people who would not benefit from their use due to their own limitations. While anyone can receive beneficial effects they are not for everyone. If you are not willing to educate yourself on the proper use of essential oils then you need not use them. While they may be natural and safe there is still improper uses which could result negatively. If you are not willing to use essential oils consistently for desired results they probably are not for you. While you may pick and choose when and what to use them for, I am not saying you need to use them daily or for everything, but when you do decide to use them for a beneficial purpose actually use them to achieve the benefit! If you don’t like natural products and scents they may not be for you. However if you are willing to learn, consistent in your use for medicinal purpose, and a nature lover then you will love essential oils if you don’t already!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the aromatic chemical components of plants. They are used by the plant for 3 main functions: to repel, to attract, and for medicinal properties. They are also beneficial and very versatile in use for people and animals.

When should you use essential oils?

The best answer is whenever you feel the need! There are so many uses that you can use them daily in all most all areas of your life. From diffusing for fragrance to soothing a itchy bug bite or cooking a delicious meal. Essential oils often times can be used in place of many  of the OTC medications found in your medicine cabinet. They may be used for a holistic approach to health or as a compliment to your existing medical treatment. *Disclaimer: Always consult a medical professional regarding any health concerns or use of essential oils with medications.

Where can you get them?

Essential oils are widely available both online and in the store. It is honestly your preference where you choose to buy from. However it is extremely important to do your part in researching the quality of the oil as there is no regulations in place to prove quality oils are being distributed. It is the company’s responsibility to test and ensure pure potency of the oil, but it is not a requirement for the company to sale, see where we start getting into a gray area? Also not all essential oils are pure and most you find at the local drugstore contain additives and chemicals! I myself use doTERRA essential oils as I have found them to be the most reputable company with 3rd party testing and access for you to actually review the test results from your batch! What ever company you do decide to go with ensure pureity and sourcing ( I will cover this more in depth in a later post).

 Why use essential oils? 

I started using essential oils because they smell amazing!! The more I used them for beneficial use the more in love I fell. They offer a natural way to give your body what it needs for homeostasis. They have a variety of uses from emotional balance to anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properities. They also offer side benefits rather than side effects. You may use an oil for one reason and see that it creates an additional benefit for you. I will let you know that there are a number of oils that work for multiple uses and it may take you a few tries to learn what works best for you and your body, much like managing a medication. But that’s what makes using essential oils so easy, you have unlimited options!!

How are essential oils derived?

There are multiple ways to extract the oils from the plant. Specific to the plant will determine the best method for extraction. The methods are steam distillation and cold pressing. Steam distillation uses just that, steam to extract the aromas and then a condenser converts the steam back into a liquid form. Cold pressing, used for citrus oils, uses mechanical and centrifugal force by pricking and stabbing the rind of the fruit, and collecting the oils underneath. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and should be used appropriately. For example it takes 3 pounds of lavender to get 15 mL of oil. A single drop can effectively achieve desired results.



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